group fitness vs. dance class

Let’s start by clearing something up.

Will it be the answer to “Why do socks go missing in the dryer?” NO. (and I’m missing one of my favourite Mickey Mouse socks too!)

Will it be “What is the meaning of life?” “How to have peace on earth?” Unfortunately…NO. I would be very happy to comment on those things someday, but for now, I can and will, tell you about the difference between group fitness classes and dance classes.

I know. Relax. It IS really exciting but try to stay calm.

In the past few years we have seen an increase in the popularity of dance based fitness classes. It is a great thing. I love it! But why not just go to dance class?

There ARE differences in the two…

Lets compare something like Zumba to just a regular Hip-Hip dance class.

Zumba expects you to follow along and there is no stopping for questions or getting help.

Zumba can start and run for an hour without any talking at all.

It is what I call a sink or swim class.

In a dance class some parts may be follow along, like a warm-up, but when it comes time to learn the choreography, you actually stop the music and learn the choreography. Participants can ask questions, get help and practice before going all out to the music.

In Zumba much of the choreography is repeated in every class. Many people like that and enjoy the chance to review and improve but after many, many weeks it can lose its energy.

In most dance classes you will always be receiving new choreography.

Ok, I know…it sounds like I’m a little biased towards old school dance class right? Who me? Nooooo.

I actually really like group fitness classes but I have seen that they really, REALLY do not work for a lot of the people in the class. I mean ALOT of the people. I have seen them struggling to keep up and follow along. I have witnessed them sinking and it makes me sad.

There is a better way for them. A traditional dance class.


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