Why should the kids have all the fun?

I once bought my mother a t-shirt that said, “Dancer’s mom. I just drive.”
I don’t want to just drive! I get tired of driving, and my tush needs a break.
We may not be kids anymore…but we should still dance like them.
Dancing is actually one of the most natural and involuntary things on the planet. You don’t have to be doing pirouettes or jetes to be dancing. When music comes on most people, even unconsciously, start to move. A little head bob. A bit of a toe tap. Maybe some shoulder action.
Dancing is part of most celebrations in almost every culture and dancing has been going on since the beginning of time.
Nowadays, dancing is probably the most popular it has ever been with television shows and competitions making it very mainstream.
So why don’t we dance like the kids do?
They have school dances. Classes. Parties. Dance in gym at school. They do musicals or competitions. They have dance teams and dance clubs. Somehow it is ok for cute teens to start dancing in public when they hear a good tune come on, but it is not cool for me to start busting a move at Loblaws? Not fair!
I urge all the moms out there, (dads too) especially the dance moms, to start dancing! You go girls! Work it ladies! You got this!
You don’t just drive!
You may not be a kid anymore…but I want you to still dance like one!
I do it all the time!



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