Take 5.


5 reasons why you should try a dance class:
5. Have you ever seen a ballerina jiggle? Nope. That’s because they don’t. The exercises at the barre pretty much ensure that they are all muscle…everywhere. They are muscle in places that you don’t even know you have a muscle. (sorry, but it’s true) But you can do it too. Or you can try modern or jazz, contemporary or lyrical. The basic elements of ballet techniques are the core of many dance classes. Dancing is my most favourite thing to do. Trust me. You will feel great after all that bending and stretching.
4. How often do you get to go dancing anymore? If you’re like me, then…never. The odd wedding or bar mitzvah and look out dance floor, here I come! Taking a class allows you to shake your thang and let loose! Good for your body, mind and soul.
3. Shaking your booty makes you feel sexy and strong. A good hip-hop class can bring your groove back, make you feel younger, more confidant and give you an amazing rush. It uses up all your energy, totally de-stresses you and brings your focus on the music and in the moment. Definitely one of my favourite dance styles to do. It is excellent cardio. You’ll walk with a new strut and maybe feel a little frisky…
2. Way more fun than walking on a treadmill. Attending a dance class also has social benefits. The participants often laugh and get crazy, share stories and bond in a unique way. Sharing the joy of the music and the movement can bring people together. Feeling the love, joy and positive energy in the dance studio is something everyone should experience.
1. Dancing is my most favourite thing to do in the entire universe! (except for hugging my children…ummm…and maybe a few other things which I won’t mention here) dancing is good for you! Dancing will keep you young and healthy! Dancing helps flexibility which is most important as we (ugghhh) age. (sorry I mentioned it) Dancing affects all body parts, all muscles, all jiggly parts. Dancing can be different every class.

Try it!

It’s for your own good!

How are you going to know unless you try?
Oh, and did I mention it is my most favourite thing to do?



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