So Much More Than Just Exercise.

Push-ups are great exercise for your arms and chest. Specifically your pectoral muscles.

Sit-ups or crunches are great exercises for your tummy. Specifically your upper abdominal muscles.

There are exercises to target your thighs and calves. Exercises for strengthening your backs and firming your butts.

There is no end to the different types of exercises available out there for your body.

But dance has a component that a push-up does not have. Dance is an exercise for your mind as well.

Remembering the order of the steps, learning the various sequences…it is a work out for your brain and memory.

Cerebral fitness at its best and, of course, awesomely fantastically beneficial for your body!

Combining the movements to the right timing in the music uses your mind and your body’s coordination together…

…and we have not even discussed how this kind of exercise impacts your spirit!

Your moves don’t have to be performed perfectly, or even done right at all. The blaring tunes! The arms all going up in the air at the same time! It is a high that can usually only be found at a concert or a show. In a club during a late night out…

“Getting in synch can be a visceral pleasure, and the larger the group, the better. The aesthetic expression of group synch can be seen in the universal enjoyment of dancing or moving together to a beat.”

Love that description from Daniel Goleman. From his great book Social Intelligence.

I find that thrill, that high, all the time.

I see it and feel it in the dance studio.


So much more than just exercise.



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