Grown-ups Rock!


The joy of teaching dance class for grown-ups:

  • They know to pee before class starts
  • They don’t try to swing from the barre.
  • They know who The Beatles are AND who One Direction is!
  • They can sing along to New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys.
  • They remember when Michael Jackson was the best.
  • They are not there because their Mom wants them to be a dancer.
  • They don’t take the class too seriously, they are not getting ready for a Julliard audition or anything…
  • They take class seriously.
  • They are friendly and polite even though I allow them to swear.
  • They are doing something really beneficial for their minds and bodies.
  • They are taking some time for themselves.
  • They are fun!
  • I like dancing with them!

Thank you to all of the adult, grown-up, dancers who have come to get dancified with me so far…

You are all amazing!

(…and thank you for putting up with my jokes and my terrible singing! Haaaa!)



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