All The Right Moves?

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We have all heard the saying, “dance like there is no one watching” or “dance like you are alone in your living room”.

This topic is a little bit difficult for me to discuss because I dance like I’m in my living room all the time…in the grocery store…but I am going to try to delve into this subject anyway. I do not have any issue with breaking into dance anywhere, anytime, but not all people enjoy that.

What does it mean? Why do we have these sayings?

A saying like that exists because people dance differently in the privacy of their own home then they do if anyone else can see them. Is there a “run like no one is watching?” “eat like you are alone in the kitchen?” “drive like nobody sees you?” “sing like you’re in the shower?” That there is this notion at all is because there are certain things that we are sometimes too shy, inhibited or embarrassed to do in front of others. I don’t like that dancing is one of them. Dancing is supposed to be pure reaction to music. Maybe some people should restrict their singing to the shower? You don’t usually go to someone’s house and eat standing up over their sink? Run like no one is watching is good advice! It means run with abandon and energy, not worrying about how you look to the other runners and not being too concerned with your form or speed. Same thing with dancing. But dancing is something we are called upon to do in public every once in a while and it gives some people worry and anxiety.

You will be called upon, at some point, to dance at a wedding or bar-mitzvah or to go clubbing and dance at a bar. Dancing is supposed to be your body’s natural response to music. It is supposed to be fun, relaxing, joyous and liberating. Ok. So, not every body’s natural response to music looks as stylish as some other body’s natural response to music. (Ya, I said it. there is some truth to it unfortunately. Sorry.) Some people were given the gift of rhythm and movement and others were not as blessed. That should NOT mean they don’t dance in public. They should NOT only dance alone in their living room!

…and by the way, there is this awesome place you CAN improve your rhythmic, co-ordination and dancing abilities…it is called a DANCE CLASS!!!!

(I teach them – you should try it sometime)

Wouldn’t it be a happier, more enjoyable world if everyone hit the dance floor with confidence and actually danced like there was no one watching, instead of dancing like they are trying to be cool and not be judged too harshly by the other people in the room? Dancing, ideally, is expression of some kind. Expressing excitement. Expressing joy. I strongly urge all of you beings out there to “ALWAYS dance like there is no one watching” and “ALWAYS dance like you are alone in your living room”.

Feel the music! Do what it tells you to do! Don’t hold back! Don’t worry about how you look or if you are doing the “right” moves! There are no “right” moves! Be yourself! I think anyone who is being genuine and truly enjoying themselves always looks like the best dancer on the floor!

(or in the store…in the car…at the park…wherever!)



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