We The Dancified!


Without launching into a complex analysis of demographics, I want to answer the question, why do the suburbs have to be so different from downtown?

A reminder that I am specifically writing about dance classes here today.

Why can’t the North be a little bit more like the South?


(Yes. I asked why with 7 y’s. You want me to add some more? That’s how frustrated this topic makes me, don’t make me add more y’s!)

On any given weekday, let’s take a Thursday, if I were a downtown dweller, I could choose between at least 10-20 different daytime drop-in dance class options.

(downtown dwellers dig daytime drop-in dance! Say that 3 times fast! Haaa! Fun!)

You know what I can choose from in the burbs…?

Maybe 2 or 3.

Now, why is that? Whyy…

(I know. I won’t. No more excessive y’s. I’ll stop myself)

You know what is happening in the North though? Community centres and gyms. Every day at the cc’s and gyms there are about 3 million fitness classes that are filled, I SAID FILLED, with mainly ladies doing the cha-cha. Doing the same mambo day in and day out! (AAAHHHH!)  I think those dance based fitness classes are great but there is definitely room for something else.

Dance classes. Like downtown.

Yoga is popular too. Busy Moms on the go will make time for yoga and coffee. Why not make time for some Ballet or Hip-Hop?! They could if they had a place to go.

They could if dance was given the same hype that Yoga has been given.

There are people and companies trying to get more dancified. (Sorry, #dancified, as my friend says…he’s trying to make me hip) Shout out to Goodlife Fitness for their awesome BodyJam class.  It is the best non dance class, dance based fitness class that I know of. Many women go there week after week and jump around.

These dancing ladies that I’ve seen though, would love some new options. They would love a taste of downtown. But they don’t know what they are missing. They have been surviving off of a menu of 3 choices when they could be ordering off of a menu with 33 choices. Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Modern, Lyrical, Ballet, Barre, Hip-Hop, Heels, Stretch and Tone, Musical Theatre…endless dancified options!

They should not have to do the same mambo day after day. I want them trying arabesques! Body waves! Chainees! I want the dancing ladies to have more, to do more to try more.

I am attempting to get the suburban people interested in trying a Heels class. (Sort of Hip-Hop, a bit Burlesque.) It is offered DOWNTOWN!!!!! It has been going on for a long time. What happened to the North? How come we missed out on this Heels class? Are we, up here in Thornhill, (suburb of Toronto) too old to be sexy?


Are we, up here in Thornhill, too uncoordinated? Too busy? Too Mom-ish? Do we not own the right heels?


So why did it pass us over?

Dancers of the burbs hear me now! We will NOT accept being passed over!

I will do what I can, but we need to spread the word.  Dance classes are for everyone no matter if they are geographically challenged or not.

Can I steal the “we the north” thing and make it a dancified thing? #dancifiednorth? #we the dancified north? We the north will get dancified! Mark my words. Your dancing days do not have to be over because you moved to the burbs! Dancing will no longer just be for the younger, single, downtowny hip people who know what #’s are! Ladies of the community centre I urge you to come to the dance studio and take your place in front of the mirror of dreams and bliss!!!! (Too much? Right. Ok. I know. Sorry. I got a little carried away)


It’s gonna get real #dancified up in here!!!!!

We the dancified!



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