for 2015…


I am a dance teacher. I am a choreographer. I am a mother and I am a sister.

I’m a friend.  A cousin.  An aunt. A niece and a daughter.

I can be many things.

I am not the Dalai Lama. I am not the President. (of anything) I’m not a world leader, spiritual guide or famous author.

I am a human being , person,  woman, citizen of the earth and someone with many thoughts and opinions.

I usually talk about dancing.

Today, in honor of the approaching new year, I present to you a list…

A few of my hopes and wishes for us all, for 2015:

  • I hope that all people can find contentment.
  • More true happiness.
  • I want people to slow down and enjoy living more.
  • More mindfulness. Less impatience.
  • That all of the crazy people out there stop, think and realize that there is another way. They are accomplishing nothing but destruction.
  • That the crazy people who feel the need to war and blow things up, leave the children out of it.
  • Less anger. More understanding.
  • Less intolerance. More empathy.
  • No more violence. Yes more love.
  • I wish people did not have to concern themselves so much with money.
  • I wish that all people could make a living doing what they love to do.
  • More “life’s too short” .
  • Less “I don’t have time”.
  • Let’s find the time. Make the time. Be present in the time. Enjoy the time. Make the most of the time and have a good time.
  • Figure out what is important to you and go on your own journey. Let’s stop listening to all of the “shoulds”.
  • I want more people to take care of their bodies, minds and souls!

Get healthy!

Get happy!

Get peaceful!

And yes, I have to say it…

Get dancified!

(you know I had to. Haaaa! …HAD TO!)

Have a Happy New Year!

Only the best in 2015!



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