2015! try something new!


When I first tried rollerblading I was out on a Chicago city street. I couldn’t figure out how to stop so I rolled into a parking meter.

When I tried riding a motorcycle I stopped, but I could barely balance it, so I fell and it fell on me.

Trying to ride a bicycle I actually ran into my own car and broke my own taillight.

Hmmm…?  Is the message here that I should stay away from anything with wheels?

Perhaps? Maybe?  Yes.

(I will contemplate that later…)

… but really my point was supposed to be that it is ALWAYS great to try new things, even if the possibility exists for it to go horribly wrong and you might run into things and break a few lights.

This is January. This is the time when people make their promises and resolutions.  Big pronouncements and daring ideas come to mind . New year! New life! New hobbies! New body!

I like it. Go for it. Try something new this year. Try MANY new things this year.

It is always a good idea to try something new.

When I get the opportunity to try something new I find it very exciting. Maybe I will discover a new love? I will taste my new favorite food? I will realize that I actually do like something I didn’t think I would or I may develop a brand new obsession? Of course there have been things I have tried and did not like. Definitely there have been a few experiences where I said, “could have lived without that”. But you know what? Even at those times…or especially at those times, I am always really proud of myself for trying something new. You never know.

Lose the preconceived notions.

Embrace the new year with some new stuff and get busy trying something new!

(I think I got through this entire rant without using the word “dancified”  once?? That would be a first for me. See, new things are already happening in 2015!)



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