All Grown Up

blank-calendar-2015-02   grown-up

On becoming the grown-up…

Now I am the one who says “Put on your jacket, it’s cold out.” and “Bring a sweater just in case.”

I’m the one who goes around forcing people to drink water when it’s hot out.

I am always asking if anyone needs a bathroom. I enforce bedtime.  My purse is usually full of snacks and Kleenex.

“Stop sniffing and blow your nose” is something that frequently comes out of my mouth, in addition to, “You know, eating four puddings might not make your tummy feel so good?”

Being the grown-up means that I provide the band-aids and clean the clothes. I go to parent-teacher interviews and I drive the car. I also get to make the call on which superhero movie is acceptable to watch (Thor is always ok, Haa!) and I get to try and answer kid questions to the best of my ability. I have the honor of being chief grocery shopper and treasurer and I am the plunger of the toilets.

It is pretty glamorous to be the grown-up.

As I mark things down on my sacred fridge calendar and try to remember who needs to wear white to school and who needs new socks, I stop and flashback to a time when I had no calendar on my fridge. A time when I had no decent food in my fridge. And a time when I slept until at least noon every day.

I would wake up and leisurely decide what I would do with all the hours of the day, if I wanted to do anything at all.

(ahhhh…let’s just take a moment and really remember that…)

I did not dress appropriately for the weather because looking cool was more important than staying warm. I did not carry around Kleenex. I worried about no one’s bathroom frequency, not even my own.

As I look at the official calendar on my fridge, with gymnastics and karate all over it. With birthday parties, play dates, school events and reminders…

As I come out of my flashback and experience the shock that I am actually the grown-up now, I then smile and have a thankful minute.

I am the grown-up now and that is pretty awesome.

I am the grown-up now and I’m not bad at it.

I have been lucky to grow up.

I have been lucky to have kids.

I am lucky my kids have parties to attend and gymnastics and karate and friends.

I am thankful for all of the days on the calendar.

I am happy to be the grown-up.

I’m all grown up and that is ok.

(If you are wondering why the dancified lady’s kids are not taking dance…they tried it, it was not a love. But they are still very dancified!)



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