sweaty harvey-edwards-leg-warmers thats hotAloha, waving hula dancer on beach Honolulu

It is the end of February and it is freezing cold. I have had to shovel my driveway and I have been wearing two pairs of socks at a time. I am not a happy, winter loving grown-up right now. I am very, VERY ready to ditch the jacket and boots and get outside again. I don’t remember what grass looks like. I haven’t worn normal shoes in ages. I do like winter hats because then I don’t have to do my hair…but I really, truly long to see some green again. It is pretty tempting in these hideous cold months of the year, to hide in bed and never leave the house. Every year I say that I want to move to Hawaii. (haven’t actually done it yet) Every year I throw down the shovel and question why anyone would want to live here?! (still here though) But there is a place that is always hot! (You totally know what I’m going to say don’t you?) The dance studio! The gym! The club! The Community Centre! Wherever you go to work out and sweat…GO THERE! Don’t say it’s too cold. Get there, get your groove on and GET HOT! That is a dancified order! In the winter most people get less exercise even just because we walk less and stay home more. In a time of frozen noses and toes I recommend trying to exercise MORE! Bundle up and go dance! Dance in your living room if you must! Feels extra great to get warm and sweaty after spending so much time huddled up thinking and saying, “brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…” Don’t just sit around waiting until the cold weather is over. I am announcing that winter must get dancified too!

The official first day of spring is only about 24 sleeps away. Hang in there people. Dance through the pain. Dance it off. Bust out the leg warmers and keep moving until we see the ground again. Spread the word that there is a place you can go to in the winter where you can always GET HOT!

Dance class even starts with something called a WARM-UP! Haa! (I know, terrible humor. Just terrible. Take pity on me. I’m cold.)

In conclusion… If anyone out there has the means and wants to take me to Hawaii, please let me know. I am ready and willing to take up Hula dancing full time! Haa!

Oh, that was not my point, was it????



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