warning signs that you are dancified:


How do you know that you are, in fact, dancified?

You are always packing an ipod, phone, radio…something with ear buds and tunes.

You shush people and tell them to be quiet so you can hear a song playing in the background.

At any party or club you are the first onto the dance floor and then you are the last off the dance floor.

Your exercise choices consist of dance based group fitness classes, dance videos, Zumba or barre. No weights or machines anywhere in sight.

After a dance or fitness class you go home and find the music and practice the moves.

You can drive and dance…cook and dance…fold laundry and dance…pretty much do anything and dance.

You dance in your bedroom, living room and kitchen. You also dance in other people’s bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

You still watch music videos and then do the choreography.

You can recite lines from dance movies like, “nobody puts Baby in the corner”.

When you get good news or you are particularly excited about something you break out a happy dance.

You signed your children up for dance classes because they will love it. (real reason is to live vicariously)

You wear comfy shoes to go out dancing so you can really work it.

And you know you are really, super dancified if you are actually reading this!  HAAAA!!!!

Shout out to the dancified people!!!! You are my kindred spirits!



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