And the winner is…

costume women

It is dance competition season for many young dancers out there. Time to plaster on the make-up and shellac the hair! Bust out the costumes and just try to keep the Moms from arguing! (Ha!) I used to love competition season and it still brings back tons of happy memories.

But…I am now very excited to be teaching grown-ups. Non competitive grown-ups.

Well, maybe I should clarify. These adults are a little competitive. However, this time around it is with themselves. They look in the mirror and try to compete with their remembered body from the past. They are no longer looking for the best dancer award from an adjudicator but they try to win the “you did a good job today” recognition from themselves. No trophies here, except for the imaginary ones we can give ourselves for successfully completing the combination of steps “like we used to”.

My friends and I had some amazing times at competitions when we were kids and teenagers. It can be a fantastic place to learn about competing in a healthy way. It can be a fun bonding experience with all of the other dancers. It’s a chance to perform. A chance to see how you measure up…

We the dancified grown-ups, use our time in the studio for all of that now. It has all of the bonding, fun and measuring…

And yes…sometimes we wear costumes and use props too! (Just for fun! Haa!)



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