Girl-in-summer-white-clothes-flying-in-a-jump-over-flowering-dandelion-field-963880_l sunflowers(1)Growing-Different-Types-of-Flowers-Annuals-Perennials-Flowers-Growing-from-Bulbs3

Is it here yet? Is it ever going to get warm out? Anyone feeling Springy?

I love the Spring season for all of its promise. For the shedding of the layers of sweaters and jackets. For the fact that it will turn into Summer…which is my favorite of the seasons. I love Spring for bringing back the grass and flowers and for making the nights brighter. I don’t just love the season. I also love the word. In dance, we use the word spring a lot. When teaching dance terminology, often we say things like, “spring into the air from both feet…” or “spring into the air from the ball of one foot…”

Springing into the air sounds fun and cool doesn’t it?

I’m not sure if we all spring enough outside of the dance studio so I am suggesting we all spring more this Spring. Spring into some gardening. Spring into your work. Spring into walking or family fun. Spring into your grocery shopping! This Spring we should really try to put an actual spring into our actual step. “Spring into the air from the balls of both feet!” Springing or jumping, in dance, means you take a leap. You push off and up and without hesitation you spring. Do something without hesitation this season.

It is great to be steady and balanced in life and in dance. Control and strength are necessities for all dance styles. But when it comes time to spring…it becomes about energy and power and trying to fly.

Inside the studio and out, this Spring let’s all try to fly!



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