What I like…




What I like about HIP-HOP is the energy behind it.

There are not a lot of outlets for that kind of energy. The kind of energy I mean is…well…a little hard to explain…but I’ll try. It’s tough and hard core and strong and in your face but it can also be sexy and cute and uninhibited and silly. It is a whole lot of styles, moods and movements that are unexpressed throughout a normal day in a normal world. It can be kind of a primal thing at times. Playful too. It is always, ALWAYS a crazy good, bouncy, shaky, go wild sweat fest! The Hip-Hop attitude and energy is a necessity for doing it right. That attitude is found within and must be demonstrated with power and conviction. People are always asking me about the “it” factor in Hip-Hop. The energy and style are hard to teach. The moves can be worked on in class but the attitude must be found inside your soul.


What I like about LYRICAL is all in the name.

Lyrical allows me, and encourages me, to become an actor for the day. I can use the lyrics of the music to tell a story and act out a character. With outstretched arms you declare your love. With hands to your head you display your anguish. Lyrical is the perfect dance style for the drama queens in all of us. There are many similarities in the actual steps in Contemporary, Jazz, Contemporary Ballet, Modern and Lyrical. What I like about Lyrical the most, is the permission it gives me to get just a little bit corny and let yourself be sweetly over dramatic.


I like that BALLET BARRE is a dance class security blanket.

What I like about Barre is that you get to hold on to something for support and it is always pretty much the same. Security. Regularity. Routine. No surprises. You are not expected to perform. You don’t have to move from your spot. Also, you are not usually right in front of the all knowing wall of mirrors while you do it. Barre is a quiet place to hold on and work. You have the time to think about each and every movement and analyze your placement. You care for and strengthen your muscles, stretch, warm up and get ready for when the time comes and you have to let go. I like the routine of the Barre. I like how the dancer mindset takes over when the intro of the first music is heard and you sink into the first demi plie. Barre is like my morning coffee…only, I guess better for me. (Haa!)




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