dancified holidays



Can you do some dancified holiday shopping and shake your booty to some of the holiday tunes playing?

Dance gifts for everyone?

How about you do some dancing around the Christmas tree?

Make sure you have some good music on when you are cooking or cleaning. Music to wrap presents to. Music to set the table with.

Don’t get too dancified at your work party though…I still want you to be employed and able to show your face at the office in the new year. Haa!

My favourite dancified holiday movie is White Christmas. Watch it!

It is super dancified to use your kitchen counter like a barre and do some stretching while waiting for the turkey to be ready.

It is extremely dancified to do some pirouettes while hanging your stockings by the chimney with care.

Even better…can you hang leg warmers? Ballet slippers? Jazz shoes?

Decorate your tree with taps, ipods, tutus and tights!

Ok…I will stop now.

Happy holidays to all of you dancified people out there!

May your days be merry and bright, may there be tons of music and dancing and fun, enjoy yourselves…enjoy the time when you do not have to suck in your tummy or point your toes!

Have a happy holiday season and a dancified New Year!



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