dancified homework


For those of you who want to get dancified at home, here it is:

dancified basic warm-up

(I know….yes, I have heard of YouTube…but I’m writing it out for you anyway…like in the olden days)


Start with your head and neck isolations…

Down and up – turn side to side – tilt – half circles – full circles

Shoulders – up and down – rolls – shake – arm circles

Ribcage – side/side and front/back – maybe circles

Side bends. Arm over head, bend side/side

(add in some body rolls here if you are into hip-hop)

Now some hip action!

Side/side and circles

Touch your toes, nose to knees, right then left and middle.

How about some plies now?

Good low plies in 2nd are what I like to do…

Upper body ready…time for full lunges front or side (back leg straight, front bent) and flexibility stretching like sitting on the floor in 2nd. (legs out to the sides)

Against the wall stretches (legs in 2nd, butt against the wall, let gravity do the work) or same position face the wall…kitchen counter barre stretches are the best!

Sit in butterfly position (sitting knees bent, bottoms of feet together)

Stretch out your legs in front of you, reach for your toes, put your head down on your knees.

And then you can move on to whatever specific stuff you want to work on…harder stretches, ab work, arches of the feet, get turning, jumping, booty shaking…get dancified!

There you go. Basic dancified warm-up. Take out version.

Happy stretching!


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