things I don’t miss about dancing, from my younger years…

  • those old ballet pink tights with the seams up the back.
  • getting fitted for costumes…nobody should be sticking pins near my private region Haa!
  • the splits. all I have to say.
  • the moment when the choreographer starts giving out spots. to be front and center or to be in the back?
  • did we really wear bodysuits where the leg was cut so high my hip bones were exposed?
  • and did we then add a belt to that?
  • lambs wool
  • making that perfect bun in your hair, properly in line with your ears.
  • the make-up
  • the french braids (that’s how we rolled back in the day…before the fake hair started)
  • the competition where everyone uses the same song. “Pump up the Jam”…for the 13th time.
  • stage mothers…I guess now known as dance moms.
  • perma smiles vs. natural faces.
  • tap shoes with the soooo not pretty height of heel.
  • shimmery skin color tights
  • ok…I’ll stop now. Those were good times. Really unattractive times. But good times.

now I am happy to be old. a grown-up dancer who wears what I want. tights, no tights, bun, no bun. no high cut body suits. yes to leggings and shorts. the freedom! no splits. no lambs wool. now the dance moms are the moms who are dancing. I can booty shake and jump and spin and I don’t care whether I am in front or not. it’s good to be the grown-up! It’s soooo good to be dancified!





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