dancified summer



My favorite season is here! SUMMER! Time to go to the beach and the park! Time for the zoos and farms and rides and pools! Time for ice cream and lemonade and sandals and sunshine! Flowers and fun and festivals and dancing! Summer is an amazing time for dancing.

There are Summer programs everywhere and it is a great time to try some new stuff. Teachers in every city are giving workshops and Master classes. You can try all sorts of choreography and fresh dance styles. Whether you are able to travel around, or will stay near home, I encourage you to try a different class this Summer and learn something new and dancified!

If you can’t get out to an exciting dance camp or workshop then you can get dancified on your couch too!

Flashback in time with some old Janet Jackson videos like Rhythm Nation! Re-watch the final dance scene from Center Stage! Play some “Everybody Dance Now” do some living room booty shaking and have some fun! Read a sensational dance book like Dancing on my Grave. Watch the original FAME movie or check out something more recent like Iggy Azalea’s TEAM video. Put on some heels and work it like Beyonce! Watch Formation or sing Countdown. Read about Alvin Ailey. Do stretches up against your wall. Ballet at the beach and Hip-Hop in the park.

Whatever you do…

…make sure it is dancified!

Have an amazing Summer everyone!



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