The curtain is coming down on Summer.

Always kind of a sad time…but exciting too.

New school year starting. New dance classes. New students. New competition season.

There is a lot to look forward to in the Fall and I will look back on Summer with happiness. Summer is always a time for adventure.

This Summer we touched elephants and fed goats. We swam in wave pools and climbed on rocks. We went to baseball games and swam at the beach. There was ice cream and froyo and Pittsburgh and climbing the Toronto sign. Museums and carousels, horses and scooters in the rain. Summer means nature and fun and trying new things. Summer means I don’t have to drive back and forth to school everyday. Summer means I don’t have to pack lunch bags.Summer means soft, healthy looking skin….kissed by the sun….ahhhhhh! Why does Summer have to end?! WHY??!!

Ok. I’ll stop.

Fall is good too.

I look forward to the upcoming Fall dancified season!

I hope to see new dancers in the studio, trying new things. Old dancers in the studio, retrying old things. Haa! I look forward to dancing and laughing and having tons of fun!

Fitness becomes even more important as the weather gets colder. We are out walking less and moving less…we are covered up with sweaters and caring less about the state of our abs. The sun, swimming, running and climbing turn into Hot Chocolate, blankets, movies and fireplaces. (all amazing too…but we still have to move!)

This Fall I will teach some Jazz, some Hip-Hop, Ballet, Barre, Lyrical…some Modern and Contemporary…

We will work on jumps and turns. Kicking with straight legs and perfecting the body roll. Some will work on jetes and some will work on sail turns. Maybe this is the year that you get your fouette turns?! Maybe this is the year that you get your triple pirouette?! Whatever your goals are for this dancified Fall. Be brave and bold. Try everything! Dance with your heart and soul and never forget to have fun! Keep smiling when it’s hard. Laugh when you fall. Always get up and try again…

Break a leg boys and girls…and grown-ups!

Here’s to a very dancified Autumn!





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