dancified new year


The end of 2016 is fast approaching. 10 more sleeps until 2017!

Now is the time of year when people stop and take a look at the past, and then start to plan for the future. All the “best of 2016” lists will come out. Best TV. Best music. Most talked about in 2016. Most hated. Most loved. Now, unfortunately, is also the time when people make resolutions they will not even try to stick to. Some people like to, and need to, set goals and make plans. Others like to go with the flow and play it by ear. I like to do a bit of both.

Balance right?

I am not going to do a dancified 2016 wrap up. (even though I am tempted Haa!)

I will not make a bunch of 2017 dancified resolutions. (even though I am tempted Haa!)

Some dancers come to class for the joy of dancing and for exercise and fun. Some dancers have specific goals in mind and set the “barre” pretty high for themsleves. (Haa! barre…get it? Such a terrible ballet pun. I apologize. I’ll do better next year.)

Many dancers like to have a competition or exam to work towards, or an audition or a show. Others are content just completing each class and getting through the choreography without any mess ups. It is helpful to understand what works for you and then you can set yourself up to get your best results. To those of you preparing for a big performance or test in this upcoming year, I tell you to “break a leg”. For those of you doing classes and working regularly on improving how fast you pick up the choreography or mastering that pirouette…I tell you to “break a leg” too. And to all of you out there shaking your booty, having fun and dancing just for the joy of it…no major goals necessary…other than to get your dance on…keep it up in 2017! You are super dancified!

Whatever your 2017 brings, may you be happy and healthy and, of course…dancified.

Happy dancified new year!






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