rules to dance by



  1. want to – not have to
  2. from your heart and soul
  3. all out and all in
  4. push your body
  5. never say can’t
  6. even when it doesn’t feel good – it still feels good

Many nights of my life are spent reading. The end of my day usually consists of Kobo and I in bed together. I know. That is pretty exciting. Haaa! But not everything has to be a party. It is calm and quiet and nice to take some time at the end of the day to just relax.

I was reading about the 6 perfections. 6 principles to being an enlightened human being. (no, I am not there yet. Haa!) Obviously, I have to make it dancified, so here are the 6 dancified rules to dance by…

  1. First of all, you should “want to” dance, not “have to”. When people complain that they have to go do something, it usually means that it is something they don’t want to do. You want to go to a movie. You have to do the laundry. Dancing should always be a want to situation. It is the kind of thing you need to be needing to do and looking forward to doing. Something you are driven to do…which leads into rule 2…
  2. Always dance from your heart and soul. A person jumping up and down is just a person exercising. A dancer jumping up and down from their soul can be an expression of joy or a reach for the sky. All of the outer moves in dance should be propelled by an inner feeling.
  3. And that feeling is there because you are going all out and all in with your dancing. Dance is something that requires you to be completely present and in the moment. Time stops. Thinking stops. Your mind, body and soul are all focused on moving to the music, telling a story and sometimes challenging a few laws of gravity. Nothing else exists when you are in the zone.
  4. The zone should also be physically challenging. You should push your body. Not to the point of injury of course. But no new achievements generally come from playing it too safe. Be daring. While safety is important and good…fear is not. You have to break some physical rules and push some limits. Sliding into the splits or standing on pointe are not really natural things to do but your body CAN do them. Your body can jump in ways that don’t always even make sense and spin like you wouldn’t imagine possible…unless you are lucky enough to be a dancer.
  5. The first time you try a turn it seems hard. Seems confusing. Maybe feels impossible. Maybe you even fall. But it is very possible and you can do it. Never say can’t. Enough said.
  6. Dance is full of pains and pulls and things that make you go “ow”. It is a lot of work and a lot of time spent doing repetitive training to get the basic techniques just right. You should always be striving to do the kick just a little stronger and straighter or to get the jump a little higher. The hardest work though, should still feel great. When you are out of breath, sweaty, sore and tired. When you don’t think you can stretch anymore or turn another time, it still makes you happy because of all of your accomplishments. Because of the thrill of the challenge. Even when it doesn’t feel good…it should still feel good.

I may not be enlightened but I AM dancified.

When I am in the studio and the music starts, I dance from my heart and soul because I want to. I go all in and dance all out. I push my body to go faster, higher and stronger and I try to never say can’t. Even when I am tired. Even when it does not feel good. It always feels good.

Namaste dancers.


“I am the dance, the dance is in me”

(That is for all of you Star Wars fans…you’re welcome. The dancified force will be with you…always.)


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