Lori and Dance classes and Adults, oh my!


Hello everyone! Dancers, non-dancers, grown-ups, regular adults, students, readers, hecklers…and probably my mom,

I am going to babble for you here on this blog thing. It is going to be mainly dance babble. Specifically dance classes for adults babble but I am pretty sure…well, almost positive, that I will majorly digress and throw in some strange and unnecessary comments. Should be interesting! You should also know that I will be using bizarre punctuation and will not be following any proper rules of writing.

Ok. Glad I got that out of the way before the dance stuff begins…

Oh, and if you look up you will see what I look like. I think it helps to have imagery to add to the words…

While you are reading, give me a really cool sounding voice in your imagination. Ok? Thanks!

I’m Lori, by the way…

I teach dance.

dancified dance classes for grown-ups.

I think adults should still have fun taking dance classes the way we did when we were younger. (ughh) Now that we are…ummm…older…that should NOT mean we can’t shake our bootys and bend and stretch and have fun!

Stretching is particularly important in our elder years but we’ll discuss that another time.