falling on your butt…

falling   bowphoto_fitness_hiphopwatching

You risk falling when you try a big jump. You risk being dropped by your partner while doing a lift. You risk feeling silly trying new moves and when you put your body and soul out in front of audiences and adjudicators, sometimes receiving a negative response. The whole dance thing can be a risk taking adventure. But is that a bad thing? No. It’s not. It’s great. Taking a risk is a really good thing for you to do.

After falling a few times you then accomplish the tricky jump. You get to soar through the air feeling amazing and looking spectacular. You master the difficult lift impressing yourself and the audience. You and your partner find the rhythm, timing and connection needed and you no longer worry but start dancing beautiful duets.

If you didn’t take the risk in the first place you would never find the joy and success on the other side.

Going to dance class can seem scary for those who have never tried it before and even for those who go regularly. Each class is different so you don’t know completely what to expect. You don’t know ahead of time what the choreography will be. What if it’s hard? What if I can’t do it? What if I don’t do it as well as everybody else? There can be a lot of worry going to any dance or fitness class because you are putting yourself out there and moving your body and learning, in front of other people.

Here is a secret though…

The other students are NOT watching you. They are not. Not really. Obviously people in the same room notice each other, but especially with adult, non-competitive dancers, people are more focused on themselves. When you start doing the dance combination you are concentrating on yourself, not on the people around you. Everyone is watching THEMSELF in the mirror. Not you. So don’t be nervous and judge yourself harshly. Just have fun and learn. Give yourself time to get used to it. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and feel silly. Give yourself a break. Everybody makes mistakes and feels silly sometimes, even the professionals.

Some people go into a class knowing the moves already and some people don’t. Some are more flexible than the others. There are students who like to stand right in the front of the class and have confidence even if they are not doing everything exactly right. There are students who hide in the back even though they know exactly what they’re doing. Whether you have the dancified risk taking gene or not, on behalf of all dance instructors out there, (well, maybe not ALL, but many…) I feel that I can say, we want you to come to dance class and feel like it is a place of happiness, health and learning. We want you to dance full out and take the risk of falling flat on your butt!

The big fall flat on your butt move is not a result of bad dancing…it is a sign of a great dancer! You are a dance class participant who put their ALL into trying the steps. It is evidence that you are a risk taker and for that I will always applaud you.

Take a risk and then take your bow.


“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

yoda jump

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

There has always been some confusion about this line from Star Wars. (Yes, I LOVE Star Wars!) It is what Yoda says to Luke Skywalker when Luke doesn’t believe he can use the Force to lift an X-Wing. (small airplane thing, if you don’t know) Luke says,” I’ll try”.

”Do. Or do not. There is no try” Yoda calmly suggests. Oooooooooh, deep thoughts. (I LOVE Yoda!)

It seems that people either instantly grasp this concept or they miss the message.

It is pretty hard to explain. But I will try…Haaa! No. I won’t try. I will DO!

In order to do anything at all, you have to try. So how can there be no try? Well Padawans, if you just “try” it means you may not succeed or accomplish. Just “do”, and keep doing, until you have it done. Trying sets you up to say, “well, I tried but I couldn’t…” Doing is doing. You have not provided your mind with any alternative option. The mind is all powerful you know.  We all have the Force! (Even though my son insists that I do not really have the Force because I have yet to use my mind to make the TV remote levitate into my hands from across the room. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible!) I do believe that our thoughts shape the world. If you think it, it can be done. Just make sure you do, or do not. As my favourite little green man says, “there is no try”. Do not give your mind an out. Whether it is a new venture, a fitness goal, opening a stuck jar or mastering your pirouettes, you have to believe and you have to focus.

Do. Or do not. Don’t just try. Do it until you succeed.

I usually tell people to “try something new” but from now on I will say, “do something new” instead!

Do get dancified or do not get dancified…there is no try to get dancified?

Hmmm…maybe I’ll just say “be dancified” and leave it at that for now…? Maybe I should stop saying dancified so much? “Help me Obi Wan you’re my only hope!!!!” Haaa!

How about I leave you with a classic…

“May the Force be with you!!!! Always.”

Why should the kids have all the fun?

I once bought my mother a t-shirt that said, “Dancer’s mom. I just drive.”
I don’t want to just drive! I get tired of driving, and my tush needs a break.
We may not be kids anymore…but we should still dance like them.
Dancing is actually one of the most natural and involuntary things on the planet. You don’t have to be doing pirouettes or jetes to be dancing. When music comes on most people, even unconsciously, start to move. A little head bob. A bit of a toe tap. Maybe some shoulder action.
Dancing is part of most celebrations in almost every culture and dancing has been going on since the beginning of time.
Nowadays, dancing is probably the most popular it has ever been with television shows and competitions making it very mainstream.
So why don’t we dance like the kids do?
They have school dances. Classes. Parties. Dance in gym at school. They do musicals or competitions. They have dance teams and dance clubs. Somehow it is ok for cute teens to start dancing in public when they hear a good tune come on, but it is not cool for me to start busting a move at Loblaws? Not fair!
I urge all the moms out there, (dads too) especially the dance moms, to start dancing! You go girls! Work it ladies! You got this!
You don’t just drive!
You may not be a kid anymore…but I want you to still dance like one!
I do it all the time!