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dance friends

I had a conversation recently about a bunch of scientific studies saying, basically, “people need people”.  Doesn’t seem like a revolutionary or new concept as people have always lived in families and groups…we know we need people…but I guess we are also in need of a reminder. People are now living alone more, in apartments and in cities instead of villages. We don’t talk to our neighbours as much anymore. (Well, some neighbours are truly scary…stay away! Haa!) You do not have to go running out to meet everyone on your street but you DO need connection.

Connection is actually what it is all about.

Connection is vital and essential to leading a happy and healthy life. Lack of connection can have actual physical health repercussions.

So I was wondering about connection in the dance world. When it comes to “community”, how are the dancers doing?

It can be hard to make dance friends and stay friends when you are also each other’s competition. You are all going after the same part in the show or place in the company. Can you be friends with someone and be happy for them when they get the role and you don’t? Are you comparing yourself to them in the mirror? Overall, I think the need for connection outweighs the pangs of jealousy or any bad feelings. Who else but another dancer will understand what you are going through? These are the people who get you. They get it. They know how your body is hurting and they understand your frustration when you are working out some hard to do moves. You need your group of people who can relate to you. Who can commiserate and celebrate with you.

And who else knows the best tips for blisters or where to find the cheapest leg warmers?

That is the connection that people need and that the scientists are now talking about. You need to feel like you belong. That you are understood. You have to have, even one person, who just gets you.

The grown-ups I teach now feel like a nice community. Some of them come in with other people they already know. Some have met in class and have become friends outside of class. They keep up with each other on social media and it is amazing to see them all encouraging each other in all that they do. When you enter a dance class you know you already have at least one thing in common with the other participants. You all love dancing. After that, when the dancers start talking about jobs, parenthood, hobbies or interests…you can see the connections being made.

Some of my closest friends have been in the dance world. (Dancers are super fun! Haa!) And I look forward to meeting many more people and making more connections in my new dance community.

I hope you all find some great dancified connection along your way. It will be good for your health!!!!





dancified homework


For those of you who want to get dancified at home, here it is:

dancified basic warm-up

(I know….yes, I have heard of YouTube…but I’m writing it out for you anyway…like in the olden days)


Start with your head and neck isolations…

Down and up – turn side to side – tilt – half circles – full circles

Shoulders – up and down – rolls – shake – arm circles

Ribcage – side/side and front/back – maybe circles

Side bends. Arm over head, bend side/side

(add in some body rolls here if you are into hip-hop)

Now some hip action!

Side/side and circles

Touch your toes, nose to knees, right then left and middle.

How about some plies now?

Good low plies in 2nd are what I like to do…

Upper body ready…time for full lunges front or side (back leg straight, front bent) and flexibility stretching like sitting on the floor in 2nd. (legs out to the sides)

Against the wall stretches (legs in 2nd, butt against the wall, let gravity do the work) or same position face the wall…kitchen counter barre stretches are the best!

Sit in butterfly position (sitting knees bent, bottoms of feet together)

Stretch out your legs in front of you, reach for your toes, put your head down on your knees.

And then you can move on to whatever specific stuff you want to work on…harder stretches, ab work, arches of the feet, get turning, jumping, booty shaking…get dancified!

There you go. Basic dancified warm-up. Take out version.

Happy stretching!